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Life Guard Society’s Spring Event

The Life Guard Society held its spring reception on Saturday, May 11. More than 130 guests gathered on the east lawn for the event to enhance Mount Vernon’s online learning efforts through the creation of a virtual reality tour of the Mansion. The evening included music from the replica of Nelly Custis’s 1793 harpsichord, demonstrations of the Mount Vernon virtual reality prototype, and fireworks.

Since 2014, Mount Vernon’s Virtual Tour has welcomed more than 5 million guests virtually to Mount Vernon. Across the country, technology companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are providing virtual reality tools for teachers to take students on virtual field trips. The funds raised at the spring reception will be used to bring Mount Vernon’s popular virtual tour to these classroom-driven virtual reality platforms.

Learn how you can be part of Mount Vernon’s mission for preservation and education through the Life Guard Society.


Event Hightlights

In support of a virtual reality tour of the Mansion.

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Event Sponsors

Penn Lupovich
Jim and Jo Carol Porter
Jeffrey and Barbara Steele

John and Stavroula Alachnowicz
Cricket Bauer and Tim Messman
Claire Dwoskin
Robert and Mimie Helm
Edmund Ryan

Miguel Browne and Silvija Strikis
Mahesh and Renu Chandra
Dr. Thomas F. Cleary
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Crosby
Scott and Kimberly David
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Huber
Jennifer and Walter Kelley
John Kerby and Theresa Thompson
James H. Lemon, Jr.
Chris and Betsy Little
Drs. Jennifer and Jack London
Maggie and Gareth Moore
Sean F. Murphy
Anne Rector and Timothy Allen
Peter J. Rogers, Jr.
Mr. Albert H. Small
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schott Stevens

Life Guard Society of Historic Mount Vernon

Named after the elite group of soldiers responsible for ensuring the safety of George Washington, today’s members of the Life Guard Society hold fundraising events to support specific projects at Mount Vernon and support the estate through personal contributions. Membership in the Life Guard Society is not considered an honorary role, but rather a call to action—members give generously of time, talent, and resources to help with a wide variety of signature projects focused on Mount Vernon’s mission.

Mrs. James E. Porter, Chairman
Fairfax Station, VA

Executive Committee
Ms. M. Cricket Bauer
Alexandria, VA

Mr. Richard A. Crosby
Alexandria, VA

Jennifer Burkhart London, PhD
McLean, VA

Lt. Col (Ret) Edmund P. Ryan
Alexandria, VA

Mr. Jeffrey L. Steele
Bethesda, MD

Mrs. Stavroula Alachnowicz
Alexandria, VA

Mr. Daniel K. Chandler
Alexandria, VA

Dr. Thomas F. Cleary
Alexandria, VA

The Hon. Sean T. Connaughton
Alexandria, VA

Peter H. Cressy, PhD
Falls Church, VA

Mrs. Kim David
Baltimore, MD

Ms. Claire Dwoskin
McLean, VA

Mr. Akram R. Elias
College Park, MD

Mr. Robert W. Helm
Ellicott City, MD

Mr. Charles R. Hooff III
Lorton, VA

Mr. Peter C. Keefe
Alexandria, VA

The Hon. Walter D. Kelley, Jr.
Alexandria, VA

Mr. John H. Kerby II
Arlington, VA

Mr. George K. Kollitides II
New Canaan, CT

Ms. Alice Gregory Legum
Annapolis, MD

Mr. James H. Lemon, Jr.
Washington, DC

Mrs. A. Michael Lipper
Summit, NJ

Mr. Christopher M. Little
McDowell, VA

Mr. Ronald McCall
Ashburn, VA

Mrs. Margaret J. Moore
Washington, DC

Mr. Brian A. Murdock
Arlington, VA

Mr. George D. Overend
Atlanta, GA

Mr. James D. Penny
Williamsburg, VA

Mr. Peter J. Rogers, Jr.
Washington, DC

Mr. William H. Savage ‡
Alexandria, VA

Ms. Kate Shuster
Encinitas, CA

Mr. Albert H. Small
Bethesda, MD

Mr. Ben S. Stefanski II ‡
Cleveland, OH

Mr. Paul S. Stevens
Alexandria, VA

Mr. Richard J. J. Sullivan, Jr.
New York, NY

Mr. John E. Suttle ‡
Leesburg, VA

Life Guard Emeritus Members
Mr. Cyrus A. Ansary
Bethesda, MD

Mrs. T. Eugene Smith
McLean, VA