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The Founders, Washington Committee for Historic Mount Vernon

The Founders, Washington Committee for Historic Mount Vernon hosted 125 guests at its annual spring reception. Proceeds from the event supported the Martha Washington Papers Project and the publication of the first definitive collection of Martha Washington’s lifetime correspondences. The celebration was held on June 2, 2019—Martha Washington’s 288th birthday—and included a special toast to our nation’s founding first lady.

Martha Washington is vital to understanding George Washington’s life and character, and Mount Vernon is committed to telling her story. The Martha Washington Papers will be a comprehensive, scholarly, single-volume print and digital edition of all correspondence written by or to Martha Washington. It will feature illustrations, original maps, and family trees, as well as extensive commentary on the documents, placing Martha Washington into the larger context of 18th-century women. The project is being produced in conjuction with The Washington Papers project and the new volume is expected to be published in 2020.

In addition to the Founders Committee, the following donors generously supported the Martha Washington Papers Project.
Dr. Scholl Foundation
Richard S. Reynolds Foundation
Karen Buchwald Wright
Julia Cobey Gluck
Jacqueline B. Mars
The Honorable Paul R. Michel and Ms. P. Brooke England
Mr. and Mrs. C. Ashton Newhall
Lew and Kate Shuster
The H.W. Wilson Foundation

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Event Sponsors

Jacqueline B. Mars
Karen Buchwald Wright

Mary Bartlett
Valerie K. Burden
Mrs. Julia Gluck
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Morgan
Catharine W. Trauernicht and K. Dunlop Scott

Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey B. Baker
Diana S. Clagett
Martha Dippell and Daniel Korengold
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Henderson
Mrs. Jeremiah D. Lambert
Sherri Lee
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Mars
The Honorable and Mrs. Thomas E. Petri
Beth and Robin Roberts
The Honorable Edward Whitfield and The Honorable Constance Harriman

James Basker and Angela Vallot
Dr. Stephanie M. Bennett-Smith
Peter and Ellen Boer
Mary L. Bowman
Mr. and Mrs. Childs F. Burden
Irving and Nancy Chase
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Costan
Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Forster
Mr. and Mrs. C. Allen Foster
Harriet S. and Eric P. Fraunfelter
Ms. Lee B. Guerry and Mr. Witney W. Schneidman
John and Ruth Huber
Pamela Jenkinson
Mr. and Mrs. Alistair Jessiman
Thomas S. Kenan III
Penn Lupovich
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Mackall, Jr.
Catherine Hamilton Mayton
Elizabeth J. Noyes
Mr. and Mrs. John Daniel Reaves
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Rogers, Jr.
The Honorable and Mrs. Richard Schubert
Mr. and Mrs. William Schuiling
Ms. Cheryl Sharp
Mrs. W. N. Harrell Smith IV
Hon. Ken and Alice Starr
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Streeter
Ellen and James Walton
Mrs. Togo D. West, Jr.
Frances Wheeler
Eleonore Wotherspoon

The Founders, Washington Committee for Historic Mount Vernon

The Founders, Washington Committee is comprised of patriotic women from the Washington, D.C. area. Since 1980, their fundraising has supported a multitude of programs and projects furthering the Association’s mission. Their ardent work has added inestimably to the Mount Vernon experience.


Mrs. I. Townsend Burden III
Washington, DC

Mrs. Geoffrey B. Baker
Washington, DC

Mrs. Edmund Bartlett III
Chevy Chase, MD

Mrs. Peter Boer
Alexandria, VA

Miss Edith H. Brewster
Washington, DC

Mrs. Brice M. Clagett
Washington, DC

Mrs. James M. Costan
Washington, DC

Mrs. Eric P. Fraunfelter
Bethesda, MD

Ms. Lee Bradford Guerry
Alexandria, VA

Mrs. Joseph W. Henderson III
Berryville, VA

Mrs. Mark J. Kington
Alexandria, VA

Ms. Martha Dippell Korengold
Chevy Chase, MD

Mrs. Jeremiah D. Lambert
Palm Beach, FL

Mrs. Charles G. Mackall, Jr.
The Plains, VA

Mrs. Thayer Sargent McGregor
Potomac, MD

Mrs. David B. Morgan
Chevy Chase, MD

Mrs. Thomas E. Petri
Washington, DC

Mrs. Philip W. Pillsbury, Jr.
Washington, DC

Mrs. John Daniel Reaves
Chevy Chase, MD

Mrs. Robin D. Roberts
Alexandria, VA

Mrs. Catharine Trauernicht Scott
McLean, VA

Mrs. W. N. Harrell Smith IV
Washington, DC

Mrs. Richard H. Streeter
Washington, DC

Mrs. Togo D. West, Jr.
Washington, DC

Mrs. Frances C. Wheeler
Delaplane, VA

Miss Eleonore Wotherspoon
Washington, DC

Founders Emeritae:
Mrs. A. Smith Bowman
McLean, VA

Mrs. J. Woodward Redmond
Bethesda, MD