Financial Highlights

George Washington valued fiscal responsibility in all of his business ventures. The Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association carries on this timeless tradition of responsible spending and engages in robust fundraising.

We are proud to have spend 85 cents of every dollar are received directly on programs connected to our mission, including historic preservation and collections initiates, educational outreach efforts, and enhancements to the guest experience.

Your contributions are put to work. Although the costs of doing business continue to rise, in 2019 we allocated just 8 percent of the funds we raise to inspire more generous citizens to support our mission. Thanks to our conservative financial management, our administrative costs accounted for a mere 7 percent of our total expenditures.

Our 2019 audited financials statements are available at or by request from our Finance Department.

2019 Operating Revenue


2019 revenue chart

Endowment: $185 million

Unrestricted Contributions $9.5 M
Restricted Contributions 22.9M
Admissions 14.4 M
Product & Food Sales 16.3 M
Endowment Support 6.5 M

Other 1.6 M

Total Income $71.2 M

2019 Operating Expenses

$52,000,000 (excluding depreciation)

2019 expenses chart

Education $30.2 M
Preservation & Collections 14.1 M

Program Expenses $44.3 M

Management & General 3.7 M
Fundraising 4.0 M

Total Expenses $52.0 M