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Barn Warming

On June 21, Mount Vernon held a “barn warming” fundraiser to celebrate the opening of our new barn complex, The Linda Mars Livestock Facility. The event honored Dean Norton, Mount Vernon’s director of horticulture, for his 50 years of service to the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association. Proceeds supported the barn and the care of George Washington’s beloved grounds and Mount Vernon’s heritage breed animals.

The Linda Mars Livestock Facility features the following named spaces thanks to the support of generous donors:

• Linda and Bill Graves Horse Corrals
• Lisa Pregent Staff Center

Horse Stalls:
• Sarah Miller Coulson in appreciation of Mount Vernon’s beloved animals
• Cynthia Ann Hamel in memory of Tom and Judy Bradburn
• Constance B. Harriman, Equine Advocate
• The Life Guard Society of Historic Mount Vernon
• Catherine H. and Michael R. Mayton in honor of Dean Norton
• Frances A. Edmond (Mohr) and Michael D. Mohr in memory of Shana
• Penelope, Tallulah, Zipporah, and Isabelle Norton
• Jim and Jo Carol Porter in honor of Earl Eli Porter, Sr.
• Saratoga Stalls

In addition, the barn was supported by Mr. and Mrs. P. William Moore, Jr.; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mauran IV; and anonymous donors. 

Event Highlights

In honor of Dean Norton and in support of the barn and the care of George Washington’s beloved grounds and Mount Vernon’s heritage breed animals.

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Event Sponsors

Tulip Poplar
The Hon. Constance Harriman and The Hon. Ed Whitfield
Catherine H. and Michael R. Mayton
Jim and Jo Carol Porter

Bonnie and Frank X. Henke III
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Waddell

The Honorable and Mrs. George Allen
Helen Herboth Laughery
Eleanor R. Seaman

Robert and Mimie Helm

Mary Lang Bishop and C. Morton Bishop III
Ann and John Bookout
Sarah Miller Coulson
Claire Dwoskin
Clare and Jared Edwards
Judy ‡ and Newell Grant
Elizabeth and Sheffield Hale
Elizabeth Whitesides Holdsworth
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Huber
Hunting Creek Garden Club
Drs. Jack and Jennifer London
Barbara B. and Benjamin F. Lucas II
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Mayer
Judith Koper Morris
Mrs. Donald J. Nalty
Margaret H. and David E. Nichols
Anne Neal Petri and Thomas E. Petri
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Qualia
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Reeder
Mr. and Mrs. J. Schley Rutherford
Susan and Coleman Townsend
John and Patricia Veatch
Mr. Steven C. Victor and Mrs. Elizabeth Moorhead-Victor
Mr. Robert C. Wilson and Mrs. Sara Najjar-Wilson