Ann Pamela Cunningham Society

Members of the Ann Pamela Cunningham Society have remembered Mount Vernon in their estate plans or have provided for a planned gift, such as a charitable gift annuity. Miss Cunningham founded the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association of the Union in 1853 and tirelessly gathered support from across America to rescue George Washington’s home and to ensure that his legacy endures.

 Learn how you can support Mount Vernon’s mission through the Ann Pamela Cunningham Society by contacting the Development Office of 703.799.8652.

Ann Pamela Cunningham Society Members

Mr. Russell B. Adams, Jr.
CPT and Mrs. ‡ Richard Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Allison
Anonymous (18)
Shepard Ansley
Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong
Phyllis A. Bailey
Ms. Donna H. Barr
Mr. Russell Baum
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Beck
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Berkeley
Mr. Clarence M. Bishop III
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore A. Black
Ann and John Bookout
Mrs. A. Smith Bowman
Mr. Richard T. Bretches
Edith H. Brewster
Mrs. Ruth H. Buchanan
Margrett Buchholz
Ms. Karen J. Buege
Dennis and Marlene Burke
Mrs. Richard W. Call
Maj. Daniel K. Chandler, USA (Ret) and LCDR. Neysa M. Slater-Chandler, USNR
Richard and Betsy Cheek
Mr. Douglas Clark
Mr. Harry L. Clark
Earl F. Clayton
Joseph Merryman Coale III
Robert M. Coffelt, Jr.
Mrs. George R. Cole
Adelaide Comegys ‡
Gilbert S. Conn
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cornyn
Ms. Nancy E. Cortese
Candace and Charles Cowan
Mrs. Barbara L. Cox
Theodore and St. Clair Craver
Richard A. and Janice M. Crosby
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Crumpacker
Mr. Fred Dailey
Keith B. Daniels
Col. William Bruce Danskine
Mrs. Wm. Lipscomb Davis, Jr.
Mr. Vincenzo Devito
Paul and Nancy Downes
Paul Drew
Ms. Barbara Early
Mr. George H. Eatman
James and Nancy Eberhardt
Dr. Ronald L. Eshleman and Dr. Judith N. Eshleman
Mrs. Paula P. Evans
Donald G. and Sandra Brown Everist
Mr. and Mrs. J. Hap Fauth
George Albert Ford, Jr.
CAPT J. Compton French, Jr. USN (RET)
LTC Carolyn J. Friedle (Ret.)
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley N. Gaines
Mrs. Stewart Gammill III
Alexander ("Sandy") Gaston
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Gomez
Eleanor Gomolinski-Lally
Ms. Taffy Gould
John A. Grady
Mr. and Mrs. Henry D. Gregory, Jr.
Richard and Claire Griffin
Kenneth J. and Linda J. Grimes
Dr. and Mrs. Randolph H. Guthrie
Mr. ‡ and Mrs. Benjamin A. Hagood
Thomas P. and Charlene D. Hand
Mr. Stephen W. Hartwell II
Mr. and Mrs. Ray C. Hawn, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Henderson III
Mr. and Mrs. Frank X. Henke III
Elizabeth Whitesides Holdsworth
The Honorable and Mrs. A. Linwood Holton
Bob and Jeanne Howlett
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Huber
Mary F. Hume
Mr. John Peters Irelan
Mr. Robert Irwin
Auntie Karyn
Louise G. Jenne
Virginia Hurt Johnson
John E. Kammerer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Keadle
G. M. Kirchner ‡
Mrs. Helen Kirkpatrick
Dieter and Ruth Kluin
Ms. Madge M. Knott ‡
Gerhardt and Barbara Kraske
Estate of Marilyn A. Kubu
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Kuranko
Patricia A. Lachman
Mr. Constantine L. Lagakis
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Lane
Dr. Jeffrey Lang
Richard and Donna Larson
Helen H. Laughery
Mrs. Robert W. Lawson III
Dr. Janet K. Lecklider
Larry L. Ledbetter
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Lee IV ‡
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Leftik
Mr. and Mrs. A. Michael Lipper
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Little
Ms. Sarah E. Lobban
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Lohrey
Barbara B. and Benjamin F. Lucas II
Mrs. Geana Madison
Ms. Charlene M. Mann
Mr. Charles C. Mann
Ms. Angela Marchese
Elizabeth Rollins Mauran
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Mayer
Catherine H. and Michael R. Mayton
Mr. John McCusker and Mrs. Ann Van Pelt
Ms. Lucy McLean
Mr. Michael Alan McReynolds
Mr. Joseph N. Meli
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Minshall
Larry Mobley and Emily Ettinger
Frances Edmonds (Mohr) and Michael Mohr
Dr. Bruce and Julie Molen
Scott and Lynn Molitor
David Moore
Mr. and Mrs. P. William Moore, Jr.
Judith Koper Morris
Bruce and Myrna Morrison
Ms. Alice Navasargian
Mrs. James T. Neal
David Donald Nelson
Mr. Dale Newlin
Eleanor R. Page
David and Christa Pannorfi
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh H. Paschal
John D. and Allison Peebles
Dr. ‡ and Mrs. Edward M. Peebles
Dr. Ivana Pelnar-Zaiko and Dr. Edward J. Zaiko
Ms. Bernice Perkins
Anne Neal Petri and Thomas E. Petri
Martha K. Preston
Ms. Ann G. Prothro ‡
Ms. M. E. Rand
Mrs. J. Woodward Redmond
Barry L. Rice
Melody Sawyer Richardson
Mary Roberts
Mrs. Charlene Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Rohde
Mrs. Elaine S. Roller
Mr. Charles Rorie
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Rorie
Dr. Tamzin A. Rosenwasser
Mrs. Laura P. Rutherford
Dolores M. Sabalos, Ph.D.
Mr. Thomas A. Sachs
Mr. and Mrs. Sans
Miss Ann Sargent
Mr. ‡ and Mrs. William H. Savage
Ms. Sandra A. Sawicki
Mark and Rosemary Schlachter
Mr. Roger W. Schmitt
Mr. and Mrs. Roger M. Schmitt
Dr. Sarita G. Schotta
Dr. Michael Schreiber
Mr. James A. Schroeder
Mr. Willard H. Scott, Jr.
Kurt and Margaret Semon
Ms. Cheryl Sharp
Pauline Shermar
Mr. and Mrs. Everette C. Sherrill
Mrs. Jeanne O. Shields
Ms. Kate Shuster
Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Small
The Reverend Letitia L. Smith
Paul J. Smith, Jr.
Kim Sommer
Carolyn Soper
Sarah J. Spicer
Robert A. Stein, MD
Helen S. Stevenson
Thea Stidum
Timothy and Monika Stoy
Ms. K. Anne Street
Harold W. and Mary O. Sundstrom
Kevin and Sylvia Sutton
Mr. Brian Tennant
Mr. Roger J. Tieman
Richard and Karen Toth
Lt Col. (Ret) and Mrs. William G. L. Turner
Mr. Rick Unbehaun
Mr. Harlow G. Unger
John J. ‡ and Sylvia D. Valloric
Tse Van Deo
James and Nancy Van Metre
The Honorable William F.B. Vodrey
Ms. Suzanne L. Walck
Jason Warner
The Honorable and Mrs. John W. Warner
Mr. John A. Washington
Mr. and Mrs. ‡ Stephen K. West
Ms. Carol A. Widmayer
The Honorable Henry K. Willard II ‡
Sondra K. Williams
Kay Wilson
Douglas and Laura Wolford
Miss Virginia Wood
Ms. Bridget Wright
Mrs. Teresa Zeitz